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Comcast Internet


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  • Over 80 digital cable channels
  • Easy parental controls
  • On-screen program guide

In Comcast high-speed internet plans start at the low price of $39.99/mo. Save time for yourself and family with Comcast's unbeatable deals to choose from. Call today and enjoy Comcast's Xfinity Xperience.

from $39.99/month for 12 months

Comcast  Cable TV

XFINITY Internet

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  • Enjoy Fast Download Speeds
  • Free Security Suite
  • Get Email, Music & Movies Online

Get Cable TV in with plans starting at $44.99/mo. Or choose the Triple Play bundle package including internet, TV and phone for one low unbeatable price.

from $44.99/month for 12 months



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  • Unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Caller ID on your TV and PC
  • Enjoy 12 popular calling features

Discover why XFINITY Voice in is the best in clarity. Save even more money when you bundle your Digital Voice service with high-speed internet and digital TV.

Triple play plans starting at $99.00/mo.

XFINITY Promotions - The Best Deals in Home Entertainment

As standard television is now only a vague memory of the past compared to the technological advancement of home entertainment and surround sound that now enhances TV screens of homes throughout the country, XFINITY TV provides the largest assortment of viewing choices and features from a studio of over 8000 of the world's finest On Demand movies and shows. If you haven't joined the 24 million customers who are now indulging in HDTV with widescreen viewing, providing so much more than just boring, basic TV to the XFINITY TV family of subscribers, just think of what you're missing out on. Start getting the type of entertainment you deserve today!

Have you noticed all of the deserted and forgotten movie theaters you pass? It's no mystery why people are choosing to stay home and receive spectacular picture quality with brilliant color, far superior to any other viewing format of the past, right from the comfort of their own couch. Don't watch TV with a standard, non-HD ready TV any longer. You can have the full effects of high definition television reception that blasts a room full of exceptional audio and vivacious picture quality superior to any movie you have ever seen on the big screen, on your TV, PC, or even your Smartphone with the XFINITY TV app. It's time to step up your game and start enjoying XFINITY TV movies and shows the modern way in HDTV format at home or on the go.

Now that you can have superior home entertainment right at your fingertips, you may want to consider your next job being a professional couch potato. How smart is your HD-DVR? With an XFINITY TV DVR your DVR remember the name of the series you set to record, it will also change the time it records if your program moves to another time slot, and it won't record a re-run program when you only ask for new episodes. Now how smart is that?

XFINITY Internet
Online activities and the devices to connect with are advancing so fast that it's hard for the human brain to keep up with the speeds that they run. As soon as you get accustomed to the warp speed that's now available, along comes XFINITY Internet which increases their pace to the fastest internet speed in the nation, boasting download rates as high as 50Mbps. Better grab ahold of your seat and get ready to zoom your way to streaming movies, sharing photos and videos, social networking, or showing up all of your fellow gamers as you play your favorite games using the lightning fast speed of XFINITY Internet service.

The newest shake up in the broadband industry made the 4G networks front runners of modern advancements. Supplying 4G wireless hot spot connections nationwide is a top priority for XFINITY Internet. The newest generation of internet that customers can actually access on the go, emphasizes staying connected no matter where you are with XFINITY Internetand keeping customers at a constant fast connection is a priority.

Have you updated your phone lately to a provider that delivers the new concept in home phone service? XFINITY Voice will transform your home phone into a phone system that will manage your calls for you. You'll never have to pay for all the awesome calling features that you always dreamed of having, in addition to getting all 12 features instead of having to choose one or two because of the cost. There's no such thing as long distance with XFINITY Voice. From now on, whenever you make a call within the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the call is on the house. It's time you joined the other 1.5 million people that have already switched to XFINITY® Voice.

Bundle it Up
Home entertainment and online activities are constantly evolving and countless activities are now more accessible than they were just a few months ago. Bundle up your services into one of several different Triple Play Plans and reap the benefits of low-cost prices for all three services of XFINITY TV, Internet, and Voice. Along with significant cost savings, you will likewise enjoy interactive features like Call Waiting on your PC and TV, management of your home phone settings or DVR settings from one online account, ability to check your home voicemail from your email account, and lots of other cool things. It just keeps getting better with an XFINITY bundle of services. Find the Best XFINITY Deals here!

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