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Comcast Internet


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  • Over 80 digital cable channels
  • Easy parental controls
  • On-screen program guide

In Comcast high-speed internet plans start at the low price of $39.99/mo. Save time for yourself and family with Comcast's unbeatable deals to choose from. Call today and enjoy Comcast's Xfinity Xperience.

from $39.99/month for 12 months

Comcast  Cable TV

XFINITY Internet

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  • Enjoy Fast Download Speeds
  • Free Security Suite
  • Get Email, Music & Movies Online

Get Cable TV in with plans starting at $44.99/mo. Or choose the Triple Play bundle package including internet, TV and phone for one low unbeatable price.

from $44.99/month for 12 months



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  • Unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Caller ID on your TV and PC
  • Enjoy 12 popular calling features

Discover why XFINITY Voice in is the best in clarity. Save even more money when you bundle your Digital Voice service with high-speed internet and digital TV.

Triple play plans starting at $99.00/mo.

XFINITY Deals for Existing Customers

XFINITY Existing Customer Deals Customer Retention is a Big DEAL at XFINITY

If you are already a XFINITY customer, then you never have to worry about being left out in the cold while all the new customers get the deals and you are treated differently. XFINITY won't hand out all the good deals to new customers and leave you paying big bucks for your TV, Internet, and home phone services. Customer retention is important to the folks at XFINITY so you can look forward to the great deals they create for returning customers. As an existing customer at XFINITY , one can expect great savings when bundling all three XFINITY services that offer exceptional savings just like new customers are always getting. Make the toll free call and take advantage of the savings offered to existing customers. It's the XFINITY way of rewarding good customers to keep them coming back for more low-cost flat-fee prices for all three services on one easy to read bill each month.

XFINITY Deals for Existing Customers Build Your Long-Term Customer Relationship with a Cable Company That Treats all Their Customers the Same

Do you get tired of seeing all the ads on TV for home entertainment services from companies that offer low-price deals when you sign on as a new customer? Do you feel cheated as an existing customer when you have to pay the high-cost regular prices and the new customers get all the good deals? You'll be elated to know that XFINITY is not that kind of provider and they appreciate loyal customers by offering existing customers the same opportunity to save lots of money every month with low-cost bundles, flat-fee prices, and three sensational services all rolled into one monthly bill that you'll be able to understand. XFINITY believes that existing customers deserve to get all three services without paying outrageous prices for them so get onboard with bundled services and get your XFINITY deals while they last.

XFINITY Offers Existing Customers Super Prices for Super Deals on a Super Bundle of All Three Services For One Super Affordable Low Price

Look as far as the East is from the West but you'll never find the kind of unbelievably low prices offered to existing XFINITY customers for a bundle of TV, Internet, and home phone services. Not only will you enjoy the savings of bundled services offered at flat-fee rates, but the benefits are exceptional as well when you consider the modern technology in service interaction, the latest equipment components and features, the finest customer service, and expert support, you get so much more than just great prices. Besides monthly savings, XFINITY bundled deals allow customers additional service features that mean more than the affordable prices like Caller ID on your PC and TV, the ability to set home phone calling features and DVR settings from an online account manager and many more technological features you will love about a bundle of all three low-cost services from XFINITY.

Bundle Up a Deal Today and Save

It doesn't matter if you are a new customer who is looking for the best deals in home entertainment and communication needs or if you are an existing customer who has already experienced the great things XFINITY by has to offer and just want to save a lot of money on your XFINITY services, you can enjoy the bundle of savings by taking advantage of the "one price for all three services" deal. The best deals for existing customers come in bundles. Customer can combine XFINITY Digital TV, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice for the cheapest prices and ultimate convenience in components and features as well as write one check to one provider for all three services at the end of the month.

Customers can choose from two different bundles, a Double Play or Triple Play. Double Play bundles let the customer choose which two services they want to combine into one affordable payment, allowing you to pay for only what you need. However, you might consider the Triple Play bundle which can sometimes be as cheap as Double play deals and you get all three services with over 80 digital channels of XFINITY TV offering programming 24 hours a day, XFINITY High Speed Internet with the fastest speed in the nation, and XFINITY Digital Voice that gives customers free unlimited nationwide calling and free calling features.

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