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Get the Latest DVR Technology with Your XFINITY Service

Electronic devices and capabilities are advancing at an alarming rate these days that it is so hard to keep up with them.  There are so many new ways to watch TV and catch your favorite programming, before you get used to one new concept, here comes another. Now that high definition programming and life in the fast lane have collided, it is necessary to ensure customers have all the latest technology and abilities of anytime TV. Get XFINITY Cable TV Deals here! 

At XFINITY, they have established just that, anytime TV.  If you are aware of how computers store information into memory, then you will understand how a DVR or HD DVR operates. With a DVR added to your service, customers need only to find programming they know that are going to miss or want to watch later, and with the tough of a button, set up a recording to store in memory on their DVR. 

Start recording your favorite movies and shows, building your private movie stash right away. An HD DVR has enough space to store up to 60 hours of programming to watch anytime you want. There’s no mess of cassettes or CD’s to deal with, or any additional equipment to purchase, the DVR features an internal hard drive just like a computer and it is already available in your cable box.

DVR’s are the handiest of all devices thus far invented to enhance the TV on your time concept. Customers never ever have to go without seeing a favorite show again.  With DVR technology and the interface of all XFINITY services, customers can manage DVR settings remotely from any location with a PC or Smartphone, or from home.  Even when you forget to set the DVR before you leave for work, you’ll have other options to ensure your recordings can happen when you need them to. Use the OnScreen Guide to select all the shows you want to record.

When it’s your time to relax and enjoy the shows you love the most that are stored on your DVR, once touch of a button takes you to your own private program library. The playback feature of your DVR offers lots of flexibility as well. You’ll enjoy being able to fast forward through the boring parts, pause for interruptions, or rewind and create your own slow motion during the big game to see if you agree with the bad call.

Don’t be surprised when you come home from work and find the kids watching the shows you have recorded on your DVR.  If you think they don’t know how to access them, you are badly mistaken.  Since you will obviously be recording inappropriate programming at times on the home DVR, XFINITY strongly advises customers to utilize the Parental Control features on the DVR to ensure that little eyes and little ears don’t see and hear things they shouldn’t.

If you are the kind of person that likes to be pampered, then you will get lots of gratification and have lots of fun with a DVR. Let XFINITY Digital TV deliver the action to you on your time, at the very second that you call for it with your remote and DVR technology. Never has TV on your time meant so much in this modern world of television, and never will you have to miss an important show again when you get yourself the best thing since grandma’s apple pie, a XFINITY DVR. Learn about the best XFINITY Deals here!

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