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Comcast Internet


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  • Over 80 digital cable channels
  • Easy parental controls
  • On-screen program guide

In Comcast high-speed internet plans start at the low price of $39.99/mo. Save time for yourself and family with Comcast's unbeatable deals to choose from. Call today and enjoy Comcast's Xfinity Xperience.

from $39.99/month for 12 months

Comcast  Cable TV

XFINITY Internet

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  • Enjoy Fast Download Speeds
  • Free Security Suite
  • Get Email, Music & Movies Online

Get Cable TV in with plans starting at $44.99/mo. Or choose the Triple Play bundle package including internet, TV and phone for one low unbeatable price.

from $44.99/month for 12 months



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  • Unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Caller ID on your TV and PC
  • Enjoy 12 popular calling features

Discover why XFINITY Voice in is the best in clarity. Save even more money when you bundle your Digital Voice service with high-speed internet and digital TV.

Triple play plans starting at $99.00/mo.

XFINITY Offers PPV Programming

XFINITY Offers Sensational Pay-Per-View Programming

Lovers of extreme fighting, live sports, adult programming, and other special programming should know that featured monthly events may become addictive before ordering Pay-Per-View programming from XFINITY Digital TV. When you order your favorite events of the month from the menu, you're not just ordering an event, you'll find yourself right in the middle of the live action as you experience each performance in HD widescreen technology and sound effects of Dolby 5.1 theater-like sound.

While you will be elated with all the fabulous choices and excitement of live event programming, the only thing you won't feel is the pain of that right hook in the jaw as your favorite WWE stars like John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, and Rey Mysterio and others duke it out this month in the Super Stars Night of Champions this month. Experience the powerful delivery of live event Pay-Per-View from XFINITY Digital TV.

Pay-Per-View programming is never stale or boring. Customers get a brand new lineup each month. Checking the lineup often is advised since new events are added throughout the month as they become available in categories like concerts, live sports, adult programming, concerts, uncensored TV, movies, as well as all your favorite boxing and extreme fights. Pay-Per-View programming and events have perfect timing, they are always there when you are ready to watch them.

There's no planning or stress to deal with. Pay-Per-View events are easy and inexpensive. It's exciting entertainment you can enjoy on a whim with XFINITY Digital TV. PPV offers a wide variety of small-fee programming accessible at varied times for you to schedule. Ordering is easy right from your handheld remote and charges will be itemized for you on your monthly bill. XFINITY Pay-Per-View is easy, convenient, and exciting!

While you have certainly experienced the disappointment of the movie store being out of stock for the movie you wanted to see, or the genre you have been dying to attend being sold out of tickets, XFINITY Pay-Per-View is never sold out and is always available to you. Customers can order ahead of time and will get a reminder when it's time for the event to air.

If you are a fan of adult programming, filled with lots of explicit sexuality, nudity, and sexy language, XFINITY Digital TV Pay-Per-View offers steamy adult programming available for your convenience as well. Viewer discretion is advised and parents with children and teens in the home are advised to block these channels with the Parental Control feature accessible with your handheld remote and On-Screen Guide. XFINTY PPV comes with all the best adult programming and all the options to make sure only the adults in the house will be able to enjoy them.

The pleasure of Pay-Per-View service is infinite and the benefits make it even more exciting. Customers can order and enjoy right from the convenience of their home. It's inconceivable how one could even think of complaining about the cost of Pay-Per-View since even the highest fees for live events are so affordable. If you don't believe it, just pick one single event that you know you will love, and figure the cost of tickets for your family, the cost of dinner and refreshments, and the gas to get to the venue. You'll be amazed at the money you will save by ordering Pay-Per-View besides the convenience of never having to leave your home and fight the traffic to get to the arena.

Pay-Per-View was created to offer an alternative to attending live events and to allow customers to relax in the comfort of their own home after a long week at work without giving up the events they love the most. XFINITY Digital TV makes it possible for customers to enjoy the excitement of their favorite live performances without ever leaving the house. Tune in today and see what you've been missing from Pay-Per-View.

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